¿Why is a good credit score so important?

Improve your credit record

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¿How to have an excellent credit score?

A credit score is a summary of your financial behavior, from buying with a credit card to your monthly savings. This monthly credit history will show your behavior and ability to manage your money. Then, this data is shared, cross-checked, and analyzed to calculate your credit score, which will be then used by banks and financial entities in deciding whether to give you a loan, credit, or mortgage.

Improving, building, or raising your credit score is possible! But it requires commitment and discipline from you. To get started, you need to follow the recommendations below made by Legal Credit Solutions:

Thoroughly check your income and expense.

Prioritize your expenses. This will help you reduce money leaks.

Never stop repaying your debts; choose the minimum monthly payment.

Start saving. This will help you prove purchasing power.

¿Why should I fix my credit history?

It is important to always watch your credit history and check your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion reports at least on an annual basis. This will help make decisions aimed at improving your financial habits.

It is commonly believed that a low credit score will only impact your likelihood of getting a loan or mortgage, but that is not true. It may even damage your personal life. Some of the problems you may have because of a bad report are listed below:

  • High interest rate
  • No leasing or rental permitted
  • Ineligibility for certain job offers
  • No car loans provided

An action as easy as designing a schedule to organize and record your financial activities will help you turn your bad consumption habits into growth opportunities. For every action, there is a reaction, and it is now time to change your bad credit record.

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